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AWV Software (Good)

A great do-it-yourself solution conducted through our easy-to-use process-driven software and powered by your staff. No need to remember complicated medical and frequency requirements. That’s all built in. Easily create a personalized report for each patient. Attach the documentation report to your EMR and you have a full audit trail. The software is always up to date; always in compliance. So you are too.

AWV Tele-Service (Better)

Your patients are introduced to the AWV by letter. Using our priority software, our senior-friendly team then contacts your patients and collects their AWV data over the phone. Finally, we schedule the patient to come in to your office to complete the final 15-minute in-person portion of the AWV with your team member. We provide training and support for that person, who does not have to be the doctor.

AWV+4 (Best)

A full AWV service driven by customized protocols based on your workflow. In addition to collecting a patient’s data, we supply an AWV nurse who conducts the in-office portion of the AWV plus a few other applicable same day preventive services at your location. Your staff’s only responsibility with the patient is to greet them and schedule any needed follow up visits at check out.

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