Why do you offer a free analysis and what does it cover?

We work with your practice to determine 1) How many viable Medicare patients you have, 2) What your staff’s current capacity is so we can outline which of our services would be the best fit, and 3) If you are already providing the AWV, will utilizing one of our services increase your profits and patient care. Our analysis helps us to determine if your practices would benefit from our one of our services plus make realistic projections on what your practice can expect.

Why do you offer 3 different services?

Though some our AWV services are more popular than others, one size does not fit all in when it comes to individual practices or medical groups. A good AWV program fits your situation which is why offer our free analysis. It allows us to demonstrate what we believe will work best for you.

How do you know when patients are eligible for an Annual Wellness Visit (AWV)?
Our software reaches out to Medicare electronically to check eligibility for the AWV. If the patient has had the AWV in the last 12 months, they are held in our system in the background and reappear 3 months before they are eligible again. This allows whoever is managing the AWV process to easily keep track of upcoming AWV patients. In addition, we confirm if this an Initial or Subsequent AWV.

Can we provide an AWV for a patient we’ve never treated before?
If you have a new patient and they are eligible for an AWV, you can provide this service. That is why it is important to have an eligibility check within the software. Medicare places no restrictions on who can provide an AWV for an eligible patient.

Do all your AWV services include a Personalized Prevention Plan Services (PPPS) that is sent home with every patient on the day of their AWV visit?
Yes they does. Our focus is to be patient friendly, so each report is clear and provides a referral (a next step) for each preventive service, health risk, or untreated condition identified in that AWV. After the patient’s data has been collected, our software automates this often time consuming task and produces the PPPS at a touch of a button once

How do we know if we are compliant?
Good question. If you use one of our AWV services, we do the work for you. First of all, our system was built on Medicare’s requirements. Then, we keep on top of all communications from Medicare that impact the AWV. Most changes include the addition of new preventive services that have been recognized by the US Preventive Services Task Force as being effective and that Medicare has chosen to adopt. Weeding through all the communication Medicare sends out to find the ones relating to the AWV takes time.

Is the AWV “standard of care?”
It is standard of care in theory. Everyone agrees on the benefits an AWV provides for patients. If that is true, then why did less than 18% of the 57 million Medicare patients in 2016 receive this important preventive service. There is adequate reimbursement and requires no co-pay. It’s because doctors and practices are busy. They don’t have the time and resources to investigate and integrate the AWV into their current workflow. That is the benefit of working with us. We have done the work of creating a proven system for the AWV. You can depend on us for start-up support and monthly reports so you can see if you are on-track.

What if I want to change services once we start?
No problem. If the service you selected doesn’t seem to be getting the results you hoped for, we will work with you to review and change.

Is the referral database time consuming to create?
No. We have a simple form that list every referral the physician has to specify. Most practices have 90% of their referrals / next step in place. You might have to research / decided on a few that you don’t normally refer – such as dental, exercise, local senior center (for socialization and support). But this only has to be done once.

How do we get started?
After you sign an agreement and BAA, we set an online conference call with the AWV Point Person in your office. We review the items we need from your practice to start the service. How quickly your service starts depends on how long it takes your practice to provide the needed information. We charge a $300 implementation fee. However, if we receive the information we need within ten (10) business days of the online conference call, the fee is waived.

What makes a successful AWV program?
A successful AWV program is one which works for your practice. It fits into your workflow, increases profits, and starts or keeps your patient on a beneficial preventive track. We are looking for long-term partnerships. That will only happen if our AWV service is successful.

Help me understand why I should hire you instead doing it myself.
Remember when we said one of the reason for our free analyst was to look at your staff’s current workload? If there is underutilized staff time, then you should select a do-it-yourself service. However, if your staff’s time is already maxed out, then you need to hire the additional capacity. If you are already doing the AWV but adding it on to patients you see that come into the office, how many of your current, viable patients are not given the AWV each year? We can’t answer this question until we have done an analysis. Once we have, then you decide which of our services, if any, are a good fit for you.

What is the Path to Profit for the AWV?
Identify and engage every viable Medicare patient after checking their eligibility
Find and start using an AWV system that provides increased profits by either utilizing untapped staff time or partnering with a company that can provide the level of service you need.
Determine which preventive pull-through services you want to bring in-house. Do you provide (or want to provide) additional diagnostic services for health risks identified by the AWV? A customizable referral system allows you to do that.
Keep at it. If your results start to drop, you feel like you are bringing in too much extra work through the pull-through referrals, or the diagnostic services aren’t working out make adjustments instead of letting it slide.

What about MIPS and MACRA?
In 2019 physicians will either receive a bonus, penalty, or no change in their reimbursements based on their data submissions in 2017 which generates a score. You must report on quality measures you have selected. Unfortunately, providing an AWV doesn’t, by itself count as a quality measure. Components of the AWV, such as falls: risk assessments or Preventive Care and Screening: Body Mass Index (BMI) Screening and Follow-Up Plan, do count as full or partial completion of quality measures. Providing the AWV can help to feed your quality measure pipeline.

I want to provide or expand the AWV .. but
We hear you. Medicare has greatly increased its regulations and reporting requirements over the last several years with decreasing reimbursements. All these changes are clamoring for your time. You became a doctor to help people. Now you have less and less time to spend with patients and falling Medicare payments. Let us help if we can. Call us to set up your free analysis. Have your staff work with us to get the data we need and we will go over what we can and can’t do for you. We promise to give you realistic, honest feedback, not a hyped up sales pitch.