Our platform offers a wide range of benefits to both doctors and patients.

Benefits to providers

  • Fully compliant, up-to-date system
  • Simplifies the AWV process
  • Easily produces the required patient plan
  • AWV discoveries produce pull-through visits
  • Summary report provides details for checkout, orders, and billing
  • Proven to increase patient satisfaction and loyalty
  • Full documentation for audit trail
  • Increases your bottom line

Benefits to Patients

  • Comprehensive AWV questionnaire provides complete health snapshot
  • Printed personalized care plan is easy to read and understand
  • Next course of action is clearly spelled out
  • Asks about patient concerns they feel aren’t being addressed, if any
  • Encourages patient to be more proactive about their health care
  • Increased satisfaction because of comprehensive nature of AWV intake and report
  • Due to annual frequency, keeps prevention at top-of-mind